The Effectiveness of Full Band Signal Blockers in an Increasingly Powerful Mobile Phone Era

Factors to Consider for Full Band Signal Blockers

With the increasing functionality of mobile phones, it may seem that computers have become obsolete. However, it is important to note that mobile phone signals can be blocked, rendering them useless. This raises concerns about the effectiveness of full band signal blockers in blocking mobile phone signals, especially considering the powerful performance of modern smartphones.

1. Distance from Signal Base Stations:

The distance between signal base stations and mobile phones is one of the factors to consider when purchasing a full band signal blocker. If the base station is relatively far, one blocker may be sufficient. However, if the distance is within a range of 300 meters or less, additional considerations are necessary. In such cases, a single full band signal blocker may not be enough for an entire examination hall, requiring an increase in the number of blockers or the use of more efficient ones.

2. Influence of Magnetic Fields:

The strength of the magnetic field is also a crucial factor to consider when determining the number of full band signal blockers required. In areas with weak magnetic fields, two blockers may be sufficient for five classrooms, and if the classrooms are arranged in double rows, the efficiency is further improved. This approach saves both time and money. However, in areas with strong magnetic fields, the signal blocking effect may be significantly reduced due to the magnetic field’s impact on the direction of electromagnetic waves. In such cases, stronger full band signal blockers or an increased quantity of blockers are necessary to enhance the blocking effect.


The power of full band signal blockers is directly related to their signal range. Low-power blockers have a limited range and poor ability to penetrate walls, rendering them ineffective in such scenarios. Therefore, the effectiveness of signal blocking depends on the compatibility between the purchased full band signal blocker and the location where it is used, as well as the presence of open spaces. As mobile phones continue to evolve, it is essential to consider these factors when evaluating the effectiveness of full band signal blockers.