The Advantages of Removable Batteries in Handheld Drone Jammers

Addressing the Power Supply Concerns of Drone Jammers

In the field of drone defense and countermeasures, handheld drone jammers are widely recognized and chosen due to their small size, lightweight nature, and portability. However, customers have encountered a common issue with many existing models – the power supply. Previous drone jammers either had built-in rechargeable batteries or required specialized external batteries, making it difficult to replace or add backup batteries. This article explores the benefits of incorporating removable batteries, specifically the commonly available 18650 type, in the latest generation of handheld drone jammers.

Addressing Customer Concerns:

Customers have raised valid concerns regarding the power supply of drone jammers. They question why the batteries are not designed to be removable and why they are packaged in specialized or integrated forms. The idea of using the widely available 18650 batteries, which can be purchased and replaced easily, has also been suggested. It is evident that previous manufacturers did not consider these application requirements during the initial design phase. Their focus was primarily on the interference performance of the device against drones, neglecting the convenience and flexibility of battery replacement. As a result, batteries were designed to be either integrated or specialized, aligning with the overall product structure.

Responding to Customer Needs:

Recognizing the importance of customer feedback and demands, our team of professional designers, specializing in drone jammers, immediately initiated a new generation upgrade project. The latest version of the handheld drone jammer has been assembled as a physical prototype. In addition to meeting the basic performance requirements of interfering with six frequency bands of drone signals, the most significant highlight of this new design lies in the adoption of a magazine-style battery compartment. The battery box, resembling a magazine for loading ammunition, can be directly inserted into the lower part of the drone jammer. The battery compartment utilizes the commonly available 18650 batteries, which are not only cost-effective but also universally compatible and interchangeable across different brands.

Benefits of Removable Batteries:

By opting for the latest version of the handheld drone jammer, customers can completely eliminate concerns about power duration. The magazine-style battery compartment or the 18650 battery cells allow users to prepare an ample supply of batteries without any worries. This design enhancement ensures uninterrupted operation and provides peace of mind during critical drone defense operations.


The incorporation of removable batteries, specifically the use of the widely available 18650 type, in the latest generation of handheld drone jammers addresses the power supply concerns raised by customers. This design enhancement allows for easy battery replacement and the ability to carry additional backup batteries. By considering the convenience and flexibility of power supply, manufacturers can better meet the basic power requirements of drone jammers while aligning with the overall product structure. The latest version of the handheld drone jammer, featuring a magazine-style battery compartment, offers improved portability and uninterrupted operation, making it an ideal choice for customers in need of reliable Drone Jammers.