Preparations for Upgrading 5G Cell Phone Jammers in Examination Halls

In a few months, it will be the annual high school and middle school examination season. Many schools have already started strengthening the construction of standardized examination halls to prepare for these exams. One important aspect of this work is the need to comprehensively inspect or upgrade 5G Cell Phone Jammers. This is to ensure that during the upcoming high school or middle school exams, cheating by some students using mobile phones or other wireless communication devices can be effectively prevented. The question then arises: What preparations should be made before upgrading the 5G Cell Phone Jammers in these examination halls?

Determining the Implementation Goals and Plans:

As organizers or managers of standardized examination halls, the first step is to distinguish the implementation goals and plans for this project. The implementation goals are relatively easy to determine, which is to ensure that all types of mobile signals must be completely blocked, including WIFI, Bluetooth, wireless data transmission, walkie-talkies, and other common wireless communication signals. The implementation plan should be based on the construction status of early projects in each school.

Upgrading Existing Equipment:

For schools that have already implemented mobile signal jamming projects in previous years but lacked 5G blocking functionality at that time, there are two possible implementation plans. The first plan is to check whether the original equipment has the space for upgrading to 5G blocking and contact the manufacturer of the original equipment to inquire whether it is possible to upgrade by adding a 5G blocking module to the existing jamming devices. The second plan is to retain the original jamming devices and purchase a batch of separate 5G Cell Phone Jammers specifically for the 5G frequency band. The newly purchased 5G jammers will be installed together with the original devices to achieve comprehensive blocking of all mobile signals.

New Installations for Schools without Existing Equipment:

For schools that have never installed signal jamming devices or have outdated devices that are no longer functioning properly due to prolonged use, the implementation plan is relatively simple. It involves directly purchasing mainstream 5G Cell Phone Jammers for new installations.

Key Considerations before Upgrading:

Before upgrading the 5G Cell Phone Jammers in examination halls, it is important to understand and analyze the quantity and installation locations of the existing jamming devices. Each device’s performance indicators should be carefully inspected one by one. It is necessary to confirm whether each jamming device is faulty. If any issues are found, it is crucial to contact the manufacturer of the 5G Cell Phone Jammers as soon as possible and ensure that all devices are properly maintained before the start of major exams.


Upgrading 5G Cell Phone Jammers in examination halls requires thorough preparations. By determining the implementation goals and plans, schools can effectively prevent cheating during exams. Whether upgrading existing equipment or installing new devices, careful inspection and maintenance are essential to ensure the smooth operation of the signal jammers. With these preparations in place, schools can create a fair and standardized examination environment for students.