Powering Mobile Phone Jammers in Vehicles: Considerations and Limitations

Exploring the Feasibility of Using the Vehicle’s Cigarette Lighter as a Power Source

Firstly, it is essential to understand the purpose of using a mobile phone jammer. Is it intended to block signals inside or outside the vehicle? If the goal is to block signals outside the vehicle, a high-power model is required. What defines a high-power model? It refers to a jammer with an output power of at least several watts per frequency band. Since the vehicle’s surroundings are considered outdoor environments, the strength of mobile signals transmitted by nearby base stations will be relatively strong. To achieve effective signal suppression in outdoor spaces, a jammer must have sufficient power. However, if the intention is to block signals only inside the vehicle, a low-power model can be selected.

Considering the application scenarios and selection criteria for high and low-power mobile phone jammers, we can now analyze whether the vehicle’s cigarette lighter can provide adequate power. High-power models typically consume several hundred watts or even kilowatts of power, and they usually require AC power. In this case, the power supply from the vehicle’s cigarette lighter is insufficient. The power output of the cigarette lighter is limited by the wire gauge and typically ranges from two to three hundred watts. On the other hand, low-power models of mobile phone jammers usually consume around one to two hundred watts, which can be adequately supplied by the cigarette lighter.

It is important to note that conventional mobile phone jammers generally require AC power. Therefore, a suitable DC to AC inverter must be selected to match the cigarette lighter. Additionally, when powering the jammer in a vehicle, whether for blocking signals inside or outside the vehicle, it is crucial to prioritize the safe use of the equipment. The limited space in the driver’s area of a vehicle necessitates careful consideration of the device’s placement and power source to ensure safe operation.


Powering a mobile phone jammer in a vehicle requires careful consideration of the intended purpose, power requirements, and safety precautions. While low-power models can be powered by the vehicle’s cigarette lighter, high-power models typically require AC power and necessitate the use of a suitable DC to AC inverter. By understanding these factors, users can make informed decisions when selecting and operating mobile phone jammers in vehicles.