Installation Requirements and Testing Procedures for Cell Phone Jammers in Conference Rooms

A Comprehensive Guide to Installing and Testing Cell Phone Jammers in Conference Rooms

Cell Phone Jammers are commonly installed in conference rooms to ensure a distraction-free environment. However, the installation process requires careful consideration and adherence to specific requirements. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to install and test Cell Phone Jammers in conference rooms, including the two installation options available and the testing procedures to determine the optimal placement and quantity of jammers.

Installation Options:

When it comes to installing Cell Phone Jammers in conference rooms, there are two primary options: wall-mounted installation or placement on the ceiling. For wall-mounted installation, simply position the Cell Phone Jammer against the wall or place it on a table before conducting the power and boot-up tests.

Testing Procedures:

To determine the effectiveness of the Cell Phone Jammer, it is crucial to conduct a comprehensive testing procedure. Follow these steps to ensure accurate results:

  1. Initial Testing:
  2. Begin by selecting the farthest location from the Cell Phone Jammer within the conference room. Place three mobile phones from different network carriers on a table, ensuring there are no obstructions between the phones and the jammer. Allow the phones to remain undisturbed for 1-2 minutes. Check if the phones display any signal. If the phones show no signal, it indicates that the jammer can effectively block signals throughout the entire conference room.

  3. Call and Data Testing:
  4. If the phones still display signals during the initial testing, attempt to make phone calls and access data services. If the phones remain unaffected by the jammer, gradually move them closer to the Cell Phone Jammer while repeating the above steps. Continue this process until the phones no longer display any signal. This will determine the final range of the jammer’s effectiveness within the conference room.

Determining Quantity and Placement:

Based on the final range determined through testing, you can now determine the appropriate quantity and placement of Cell Phone Jammers in the conference room. Consider the following factors:

  1. Coverage Area:
  2. Evaluate the size of the conference room and the desired level of signal blocking. If the jammer’s range covers the entire room, a single device may suffice. However, for larger rooms or areas with potential signal interference, multiple jammers may be necessary.

  3. Placement:
  4. Choose strategic locations within the conference room to install the jammers. Consider areas where signal interference is most likely to occur, such as near windows or doors. Ensure that the jammers are positioned to provide optimal coverage without any obstructions.


Installing Cell Phone Jammers in conference rooms is essential for maintaining a distraction-free environment. By following the installation requirements and conducting thorough testing procedures, you can determine the ideal quantity, placement, and range of jammers needed to effectively block mobile signals. This ensures a productive and focused atmosphere during important meetings and conferences.