Improving the Shielding Effectiveness of Mobile Phone Jamming Devices

Mobile phone jamming devices are widely used to block signals in a specific area. These devices emit shielding signals that typically cover an area ranging from tens to hundreds of square meters. Some high-power models can even cover thousands of square meters or block signals within a radius of hundreds of meters. However, there are always customers who wish to expand the coverage area of their purchased and used mobile phone jamming devices or find ways to significantly enhance their shielding effectiveness. This article explores two aspects to achieve this goal: analyzing the device itself and considering the installation and surrounding environment.

Analyzing the Device:

To improve the shielding effectiveness of a mobile phone jamming device, it is essential to analyze the device itself. Firstly, customers should ensure that they are purchasing a qualified product from a reputable manufacturer. They should verify if the device operates within the correct frequency range and if there are any issues with the frequency bandwidth that may result in a decrease in average output power. Additionally, the frequency division of the jamming device should be reasonable, avoiding excessive overlap between frequency bands. The gain value of the device’s antenna should also be considered. Upgrading from a 1-2dB gain antenna to a 3-5dB gain antenna can significantly enhance the shielding effectiveness.

Considering the Installation and Surrounding Environment:

The second aspect to consider is the installation and surrounding environment of the mobile phone jamming device. The method of installation, whether wall-mounted or placed on a desktop, can impact the device’s performance. The recommended height for installation is typically between 1.8 to 2.5 meters. Placing the device too high or too low, such as directly on the ground, can result in signal attenuation due to excessive obstacles in the signal transmission path. Furthermore, it is important to observe and analyze the distribution of nearby base stations. The ideal installation position for the jamming device is along the transmission path from the base station to the site, preferably near a window in the room.


In conclusion, there are two main approaches to enhance the shielding effectiveness of mobile phone jamming devices. Firstly, customers should analyze the device itself, ensuring that it is a qualified product from a reputable manufacturer, operates within the correct frequency range, and has a reasonable frequency division and antenna gain. Secondly, the installation and surrounding environment should be considered, with attention given to the method of installation, height, and proximity to base stations. By taking these factors into account, customers can achieve a significant improvement in the shielding effectiveness of their mobile phone jamming devices.