How to Prevent Man-Made Damage to Exam Cell Phone Jammers


During important exams such as the college entrance examination, high school entrance examination, or the English proficiency tests for college students, exam cell phone jammers are crucial tools for maintaining fairness, ensuring exam stability, and preventing cheating. However, there are still a small number of individuals who, driven by personal desires, attempt to evade the protective measures in exam halls and even resort to extreme destructive behaviors. This article will explore how exam cell phone jammers prevent man-made damage.

Methods of Deployment:

In various types of exams, the supervising authorities typically employ two methods of deploying exam cell phone jammers. The first method involves distributing desktop interference devices to invigilators before the exam or assigning them to each examination room. These devices are then collected after the exam. However, this method presents several issues. The distribution and collection process of exam cell phone jammers is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Furthermore, the installation and usage of these devices are often haphazard. Some invigilators place the devices directly on the podium, while others leave them on chairs or the floor. Since the interference devices require power to function, they need to be connected to an AC power outlet using a power cord. This method lacks standardization and is prone to mishandling.

Another method involves using wall-mounted exam cell phone jammers that are pre-installed in the examination rooms. These devices only need to be powered on when the exam begins. This installation method is more standardized and secure. Additionally, since the installation height is slightly higher than the upper edge of the blackboard, it effectively prevents man-made damage.

Preventing Man-Made Damage:

Analyzing the methods of man-made damage to exam cell phone jammers, the most common ways include disconnecting the device’s antenna, power cord, or network cable. To effectively prevent these types of damage, mainstream exam cell phone jammers have adopted the method of integrating the antenna within the device. This means that the device is enclosed in a sealed casing, making it impossible to directly access the antenna from the outside.


Exam cell phone jammers play a crucial role in maintaining fairness and integrity during exams. While some individuals may attempt to evade or damage these devices, the deployment of wall-mounted jammers and the integration of antennas within the devices have proven to be effective countermeasures. By implementing these measures, exam authorities can ensure a secure and stable exam environment, safeguarding the integrity of the examination process.