How to Arrange Cell Phone Jammers in a Conference Room


In order to maintain the confidentiality of conference discussions, purify the atmosphere, and ensure the smooth progress of meetings, the use of Cell Phone Jammers in conference rooms has become a popular solution. However, determining the number of jammers required and their optimal placement can be a challenge. This article aims to provide guidance on how to arrange Cell Phone Jammers effectively in a conference room.

Determining the Number of Jammers:

When deciding on the number of Cell Phone Jammers needed for a conference room, it is essential to consider the dimensions of the room. For instance, if the length of the room is 14 meters and the width is 25 meters, it is recommended to use four jammers for optimal coverage.

Placement Strategy:

To ensure comprehensive coverage and minimize blind spots, a strategic placement strategy is crucial. The following steps outline an effective approach:

  1. Assess the Conference Room Environment: Before proceeding with the placement of Cell Phone Jammers, it is important to evaluate the surrounding area for the presence of nearby base stations. If there are no base stations in the vicinity and no indoor signal distribution system installed within the building, the placement strategy can proceed accordingly.
  2. Positioning the Jammers: To achieve optimal results, it is recommended to distribute the four jammers as follows:
    • Two Jammers in Diagonal Corners: Due to the unsuitability of placing a jammer near the podium or chairman’s desk, two jammers should be positioned in the diagonal corners of the conference room. This placement ensures that the jammers do not interfere with the main stage area while effectively covering a significant portion of the room.
    • One Jammer in the Other Diagonal Corner: Another jammer should be placed in the remaining diagonal corner to further enhance coverage and minimize any potential blind spots.
    • Two Supplementary Jammers: To address any remaining blind spots, two supplementary jammers should be placed strategically along the vertical line at the center of the diagonal. This placement effectively complements the coverage provided by the two jammers in the diagonal corners.


    By following the recommended placement strategy, conference organizers can ensure the confidentiality of discussions, maintain order, and facilitate the smooth progress of meetings. The strategic arrangement of Cell Phone Jammers in a conference room, considering the dimensions and layout, plays a vital role in achieving comprehensive coverage and minimizing blind spots.