Equipment Preparation for Mobile Signal Shielding System Project Survey

Essential Devices and Preparations for Project Survey

When undertaking or planning a mobile signal shielding system project, agents and distributors often require project surveys in the initial stages. Lack of experience in similar projects prompts them to consult the manufacturers, with the primary concern being the equipment required for the project survey. This article will discuss the necessary devices and preparations for conducting a mobile signal shielding system project survey.

Preparatory Work for Project Survey:
Before commencing the project survey, certain preparatory tasks need to be completed. These include, but are not limited to, understanding the main requirements of the project, identifying the primary areas targeted by the mobile signal shielding system, and obtaining the architectural floor plans, structural diagrams, or room layouts from the project stakeholders. Additionally, it is beneficial to gather information about the surrounding base station distribution and the proximity of these stations to the project site.

Equipment Required for Project Survey:
To conduct a project survey for a mobile signal shielding system, it is essential to have the necessary equipment. If the manufacturer can assist with the survey, wireless signal spectrum analyzers are indispensable tools for signal detection and analysis. Having specialized engineering smartphones with built-in detection tools is also advantageous. However, if these options are not available, the minimum requirement for equipment preparation is to have several smartphones of different standards and install signal detection software in advance. One commonly used software is “Cellular-Z.” Utilizing this software on-site to detect and record data can provide valuable assistance in designing the project’s signal shielding system.

Additional Considerations:
In addition to the equipment or software required for detection, it is advisable, if feasible, to prepare at least one or two Cell Phone Jammers. This allows for the selection of several test locations during the survey, enabling the assessment and recording of the actual signal blocking range of the jamming devices. These recorded data can serve as reference standards for future mobile signal shielding system projects, ensuring practical and effective placement.

In conclusion, conducting a project survey for a mobile signal shielding system requires adequate equipment and preparations. It is crucial to gather the necessary information from project stakeholders and understand the targeted areas. Wireless signal spectrum analyzers or specialized engineering smartphones are essential tools for signal detection and analysis. If possible, having Cell Phone Jammers during the survey can provide valuable reference data for future projects. Lastly, it is important to ensure sufficient power supply cables are prepared in advance to avoid any installation issues during on-site testing.