Enhancing the Shielding Effectiveness of 5G Mobile Phone Shielding Devices

Understanding the Challenges and Solutions in the 5G Era

With the advent of the 5G era, the market is flooded with various types of 5G mobile phone shielding devices. However, some customers have reported that the shielding effect of these devices for 5G signals is not as effective as it was for 3G and 4G signals. This article aims to explore the reasons behind this issue and discuss methods to enhance the shielding effectiveness of 5G mobile phone shielding devices.

The Development of 5G:
To understand the current state of 5G development, it is important to consider the technical information available and data released by various network operators. Compared to 3G and 4G base stations, 5G base stations have significantly higher signal strength due to their increased transmission power. Additionally, 5G operates in higher frequency bands, above 2.5GHz, which have wider bandwidth but weaker diffraction capabilities and shorter transmission distances. Consequently, the density of 5G base stations is much higher than that of previous generations.

Challenges in Shielding 5G Signals:
The higher transmission power and denser distribution of 5G base stations have improved the stability and reliability of 5G experiences for mobile phone users. However, these factors have also increased the difficulty of shielding 5G signals. This is why some customers have noticed a decrease in the shielding effectiveness of their devices compared to previous generations.

Methods to Enhance Shielding Effectiveness:
The effectiveness of signal shielding depends on the power suppression, which is determined by the strength of the emitted signal. Therefore, customers can request manufacturers to ensure or increase the transmission power of 5G frequency bands in their mobile phone shielding devices. Additionally, when selecting a 5G mobile phone shielding device, it is crucial to carefully consider the number of 5G shielding modules installed. Generally, the more modules dedicated to 5G and the finer the frequency division, the better the shielding effectiveness.

Customization for High-Power Shielding Modules:
If customers still struggle to achieve the desired shielding effectiveness, there is one final solution: requesting manufacturers to customize high-power shielding modules specifically designed for 5G frequency bands. This tailored approach can provide a more effective solution for shielding 5G signals.

As the 5G era progresses, the demand for reliable and efficient 5G mobile phone shielding devices continues to grow. Understanding the challenges posed by the increased transmission power and density of 5G base stations is crucial in addressing the issues faced by customers. By requesting higher transmission power, selecting devices with more 5G shielding modules, and exploring customized solutions, customers can enhance the shielding effectiveness of their 5G mobile phone shielding devices and ensure a seamless 5G experience.