Enhancing Mobile Signal Jamming for Long-Distance Convoy Protection

Powering Portable Frequency Jammers for Extended Hours

In today’s world, ensuring the safety and security of high-profile individuals and their convoy is of utmost importance. To address this need, our company offers a portable frequency jammer that effectively blocks mobile signals. However, some clients have expressed the requirement for extended hours of signal jamming during long-distance convoy journeys. This article explores the power options available to meet this demand, focusing on the use of power generators rather than multiple battery packs.

Powering Options for Portable Frequency Jammers

Our portable frequency jammer is equipped with two power supply modes: AC power and external battery pack. The standard external battery pack provided has a capacity of 24V80Ah, ensuring a continuous signal jamming duration of 1.5-2 hours. However, clients with long-distance convoy protection needs, spanning hundreds of kilometers, require uninterrupted signal jamming for up to 10 hours.

The Limitations of Battery Packs

While multiple battery packs can be used to accumulate power, this approach may not be the most reliable or efficient solution. The capacity of battery packs is limited, and the need for frequent replacements or recharging can disrupt the continuity of signal jamming. Therefore, we recommend a more robust and dependable method: power generator modification.

Power Generator Modification

To achieve uninterrupted signal jamming for extended periods, we propose the installation of a power generator in the vehicle, specifically for convoy protection purposes. This modification involves retrofitting the vehicle with a power take-off generator, which can generate electricity while the vehicle is in motion. By utilizing the vehicle’s engine power, the generator ensures a continuous and reliable power supply to the portable frequency jammer.

Benefits of Power Generator Modification

  1. Extended Signal Jamming: With a power generator, the portable frequency jammer can operate continuously for up to 10 hours, meeting the long-distance convoy protection requirements.
  2. Reliability: The power generator modification eliminates the need for multiple battery packs, reducing the risk of power interruptions and ensuring uninterrupted signal jamming throughout the journey.
  3. Efficiency: By utilizing the vehicle’s engine power, the power generator modification optimizes energy usage and minimizes the need for additional power sources.


In the realm of convoy protection, ensuring uninterrupted signal jamming is crucial for maintaining the safety and security of high-profile individuals. While our portable frequency jammer offers a standard battery pack for a limited duration, the installation of a power generator through vehicle modification provides a more reliable and efficient solution. By enabling continuous signal jamming for up to 10 hours, this modification enhances the capabilities of our portable frequency jammer, making it an ideal choice for long-distance convoy protection scenarios.