Designing an Intelligent Signal Jammer Solution for Multiple Conference Rooms

In government agencies or conference centers, there are often multiple conference rooms spread across different floors. When implementing a mobile signal jamming project in these rooms, clients often request the installation of intelligent signal jammers. This article will discuss how to design an intelligent signal jammer solution for such scenarios.

Product Selection:

The selection of intelligent signal jammers is crucial as the effectiveness of the design solution is closely related to the functionalities of the chosen jammer. For instance, the jammer should have intelligent networking capabilities, remote switch control, remote power adjustment, and a unified control software platform.

Room Analysis:

A careful analysis of the layout, area, and decoration of each conference room is necessary. It is important to pre-determine suitable installation locations for the intelligent signal jammers. Consideration should be given to whether the jammer can fully cover the entire room without excessively affecting neighboring rooms or other units.

Installation Considerations:

The installation location of the intelligent signal jammer should take into account various factors, including but not limited to the following:

  1. The installation height should not be too low or too high.
  2. There should be no reinforced concrete walls or metallic barriers obstructing the signal.
  3. The jammer should not be placed close to electronic devices such as speakers, microphones, amplifiers, or cameras.
  4. It should not be positioned too close to the seating area of the participants.

For larger conference rooms, multiple intelligent signal jammers may be required to achieve complete signal coverage. The installation locations of these jammers should provide access to power outlets and network interfaces.


Designing an intelligent signal jammer solution for multiple conference rooms requires careful product selection and room analysis. The chosen jammer should possess the necessary functionalities, while the installation locations should be strategically determined to ensure optimal signal coverage without causing interference to nearby rooms or devices. By following these guidelines, government agencies and conference centers can effectively implement mobile signal jamming projects in their facilities.