Choosing the Right Antenna Quantity for Exam Hall Cell Phone Jammers

Understanding the Impact of Antenna Quantity on the Effectiveness of Exam Hall Cell Phone Jammers

As the end of the semester approaches, many universities are opting to use exam hall Cell Phone Jammers to prevent cheating during exams. However, with numerous types of signal jammers available, each with varying quantities of antennas, it begs the question: is more always better? The effectiveness of exam hall signal jamming varies depending on the model of the signal jammer and the number of antennas installed. This article aims to explore the relationship between antenna quantity and signal jamming effectiveness, shedding light on the importance of selecting the right antenna quantity for exam hall Cell Phone Jammers.

Examining the Impact of Antenna Quantity:

The number of antennas in a signal jammer is directly related to the modules it can support. In cases where certain modules are unnecessary, it is perfectly acceptable to have fewer antennas. For instance, if the installation site is not within range of a 5G signal, there is no need for the signal jammer to include a 5G module. Adding unnecessary modules would only complicate matters. However, some argue that the grade of an exam hall Cell Phone Jammer is determined by the number of antennas it has. By adding more antennas, additional signal frequencies can be blocked, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the jammer.

The Importance of 5G Compatibility:

In the past, signal jammers primarily focused on blocking 2G, 3G, and 4G signals. However, with the advent of 5G technology, we have entered a new era of communication. Using a signal jammer that does not support 5G can be problematic, especially in areas where 5G signals are present. Failing to block 5G signals can compromise the integrity of exam hall signal jamming. Additionally, certain signal frequencies may require multiple modules to be completely blocked, ensuring the desired effect of signal jamming in exam halls.


When selecting exam hall Cell Phone Jammers, it is crucial to consider the quantity of antennas and their compatibility with the required signal frequencies. While unnecessary antennas can be omitted, it is important to ensure that the signal jammer is equipped to block all relevant signals, including 5G. By understanding the impact of antenna quantity on signal jamming effectiveness, educational institutions can make informed decisions to maintain the integrity of exams and prevent cheating.