Analysis of Wall Penetration Performance of Full Band Frequency Jammer in Examination Halls

Factors Affecting the Wall Penetration Performance of Full Band Frequency Jammer

In response to a customer inquiry regarding the installation and wall penetration performance of a full band frequency jammer in examination halls, we have conducted a comprehensive analysis to provide a detailed answer. This article aims to shed light on the factors that influence the wall penetration capabilities of such devices.

Analysis and Explanation:

  1. Wall Thickness:

    The ability of a full band frequency jammer to penetrate walls is directly influenced by the thickness of the wall. Generally, thinner walls offer better penetration capabilities. Therefore, when considering the installation of a jammer in a corridor, it is important to assess the thickness of the walls in order to determine the effectiveness of the device.

  2. Frequency Variation:

    The frequency of the full band frequency jammer plays a crucial role in its wall penetration performance. Lower frequencies tend to have better penetration capabilities. In terms of wall materials, the penetration ranking of full band frequency jammers is as follows: glass > gypsum board > wood > brick-concrete > reinforced concrete.

  3. Output Power:

    The output power of the jammer module directly affects its wall penetration performance. As the output power increases, the jammer’s ability to penetrate walls also improves. Therefore, it is advisable to select a jammer module with higher output power for enhanced wall penetration capabilities.


In conclusion, the installation of a full band frequency jammer in a corridor for use in examination halls requires careful consideration of various factors. The thickness of the walls, the frequency of the jammer, and the output power of the module all play significant roles in determining the device’s wall penetration performance. By taking these factors into account, one can make an informed decision regarding the installation and effectiveness of a full band frequency jammer in examination halls.