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What frequency band should be covered to block mobile phone signals in Honduras?

Honduras Mobile Operators and Frequency Bands

Currently, there are several mobile operators in Honduras who provide communication services across the country. Here are the main mobile network operators and their exact brand names:

  • Empresa Hondureña de Telecomunicaciones (Hondutel) - Hondutel is the national telecommunications operator in Honduras.
  • Claro Honduras - Claro is a subsidiary of the American Mexican telecommunications company Móvil. It is one of the main mobile operators in Honduras.
  • Tigo Honduras - Tigo is a subsidiary of the Millicom telecommunications company. He is also a major operator in the country.
  • Digicel Honduras - Digicel is an international telecommunications company present in several countries in the Caribbean and Latin America, including Honduras.

Frequency Bands Used in Honduras:

Honduras mobile telephony operators use different frequency bands to provide communication services to their subscribers. Here are the main frequency bands used in Honduras:

  • GSM strip 850/1900 MHz: This frequency band is used by all the main operators in Honduras, including Hondutel, Claro Honduras, Tigo Honduras and Digicel Honduras. It is used for voice calls and data on the 2G network.
  • UMTS/HSPA 850/1900 MHz band: This frequency band is also used by all major operators in Honduras. It allows faster data connections on the 3G network.
  • LTE 700/1700/1900 MHz band: CLARO HONDURAS, TIGO HONDURAS and DIGICEL HONDURAS operators use this frequency strip for their 4G/LTE services. It offers faster download and download speeds.

Block Mobile Telephony Signals:

If you want to block mobile phone signals in Honduras, it is important to take into account the different frequency bands used by operators. To effectively block signals, you will need to use an appropriate jamming device that covers the frequency strips mentioned above. Make sure to check the local regulations concerning the use of jamming devices, as their use may be subject to legal restrictions.


When you plan to block mobile phone signals in Honduras, it is crucial to understand the frequency bands used by mobile operators in the country. The main frequency strips used in Honduras are the GSM 850/1900 MHz, the UMTS/HSPA 850/1900 MHz and the LTE 700/1700/1900 MHz. Using an appropriate jamming device covering these bands, it is possible to effectively block mobile telephony signals in a specific area, subject to respecting local regulations.

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