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What frequency band should be blocked to interrupt mobile phone signals in Fiji?

Fiji Mobile Operators and Frequencies

Fiji, a paradise archipelago located in the South Pacific, has become a popular tourist destination. However, there may be situations where you want to block mobile phone signals, whether for reasons of confidentiality, tranquility or security. In this article, we will examine mobile operators in Fiji, the frequencies they use and the frequency band to be blocked to effectively interrupt cell phone signals in the country.

Mobile Operators in Fiji

In Fiji, there are two main mobile operators offering services to the population:

  • Vodafone Fiji: Vodafone is a global telecommunications operator in many countries. Vodafone Fiji offers mobile telephony services and is one of the main service providers in Fiji.
  • Digicel Fiji: Digicel is a telecommunications service provider present in many countries in the Caribbean and Pacific region. Digicel Fiji offers mobile telephony services to Fiji.

Frequencies Used in Fiji

Fiji mobile operators use different frequency bands to provide their services. Here are the frequencies used by Vodafone Fiji and Digicel Fiji:

Vodafone Fiji

  • GSM (2G): 900 MHz
  • UMTS (3G): 2100 MHz
  • LTE (4G): 1800 MHz (B3), 2100 MHz (B1), 2600 MHz (B7)

Digicel Fiji

  • GSM (2G): 900 MHz
  • UMTS (3G): 900 MHz
  • LTE (4G): 1800 MHz (B3), 2100 MHz (B1), 700 MHz (B28)

Frequency Strip to Block

To effectively block mobile phone signals in Fiji, it is recommended to target the frequency band most used by operators, which is the GSM (2G) at 900 MHz. By blocking this frequency strip, the signals of cell phones will be prevented from passing, resulting in interruption of communication.

It is important to note that the blocking of mobile telephony signals can be subject to specific regulations and laws in each country. Before considering using a signal jammer, it is essential to comply with the legislation in force and consult the competent authorities.


Fiji has two main mobile operators, Vodafone Fiji and Digicel Fiji, who use different frequency bands to provide their services. To block mobile phone signals in Fiji, the GSM frequency band (2G) at 900 MHz is the most suitable. However, it is important to comply with local regulations and consult the competent authorities before blocking mobile telephony signals in the country.

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