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Monaco Cell Phone Signal Jamming Frequencies

Cell Phone Operators in Monaco

Monaco currently has two main cell phone operators who provide wireless communication services to its residents and visitors. Here are the exact names of these operators:

  • Monaco Telecom: Founded in 1997, Monaco Telecom is the historic telecommunications operator in Monaco. It offers a full range of communication services, including mobile telephony.
  • Free Monaco: Free Monaco is a subsidiary of the French operator Free. He began to provide his services to Monaco in 2012 and became a popular alternative for residents and visitors.

Frequencies used by Cellular telephony operators in Monaco:

Monaco cell phone operators use different frequency bands to provide wireless communication services to their subscribers. Here are the main frequency bands currently used in Monaco:

  • 3G band (UMTS/HSPA): operators generally use the 900 MHz frequency band for 3G in Monaco. This strip allows the transmission of high speed data and supports voice and data services.
  • 4G band (LTE): operators use the 800 MHz, 1800 MHz frequency band, and 2,600 MHz for 4G in Monaco. These bands offer higher data speeds, better capacity and more fluid internet browsing experience.

Blocking cell phone signals in Monaco:

If you want to block cell phone signals in a specific area in Monaco, you will have to take into account the frequency bands used by operators. For effective blocking, you will have to target the frequency bands mentioned above, such as the 900 MHz band for 3G and 800 MHz strips, 1800 MHz, and 2600 MHz for 4G.

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