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How to Block Cell Phone Signals in Comoros – Frequencies to Cover

Blocking Mobile Phone Signals in Comoros

In Comoros, the main mobile telephony network providers are Comoros Telecom, Telma Comoros and Huri. Comoros Telecom is the main mobile telephone service provider in the country, offering wide coverage and a variety of pricing plans. Telma Comoros is also a well-established network provider, offering mobile communication services through the archipelago. Huri is another mobile telephone network operator who provides services to the inhabitants of the Comoros.

Frequencies to be covered to block mobile phone signals:

To effectively block mobile phone signals in Comoros, it is necessary to understand the frequencies used by mobile telephone network providers. The main frequency bands used in Comoros are as follows:

  • GSM 900 MHz: This frequency band is used by Comoros Telecom, Telma Comoros and Huri for their mobile telephony networks. It is commonly used for voice calls and messaging services.
  • UMTS 2100 MHz: also known as band III, this frequency is used for 3G technology in the country. It allows higher data transmission speeds and is used for mobile data services such as Internet access and multimedia messaging.
  • LTE 800 MHz: This frequency band is used for 4G LTE technology in Comoros. It offers faster connection speeds and better call quality. Network suppliers use this frequency for their mobile broadband services.

It is important to note that blocking mobile phone signals may be subject to legal regulations. Make sure to consult the laws and regulations in force in the country before taking any signal blocking action.


In conclusion, to block mobile phone signals in Comoros, you should consider covering the GSM 900 MHz frequency bands, UMTS 2100 MHz and LTE 800 MHz. This will prevent the transmission of mobile phone signals from the main network suppliers in the country.

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