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Cell Phone Signal Blocking Frequencies in Yemen

Mobile Operators in Yemen

Yemen is served by several mobile operators offering wireless communication services. If you want to block mobile phone signals in the country, it is essential to understand the frequency bands used by these operators. In this article, we will examine the different operators present in Yemen as well as the frequencies they use.

Yementel operator

Frequencies: 900 MHz

Network: GSM

Teleymen operator

Frequency bands: 900 MHz (GSM), 1800 MHz (GSM), 2100 MHz (3G)

Network: GSM, 3G

Yemenmobile operator

Frequency bands: 800 MHz (GSM), 1800 MHz (GSM), 2100 MHz (3G), 2600 MHz (4G)

Network: GSM, 3G, 4G

It is important to note that this information is based on the knowledge available until September 2021. Operators can update or modify their frequency bands at any time. It is recommended to verify the most recent information from operators or competent authorities.

Now that we know the frequency bands used by mobile operators in Yemen, let's address the question of what frequency should be covered to effectively block mobile phone signals.

The answer depends on the specific objective of the signal blocking. If you want to block only 2G signals (GSM), you will need to cover the 900 MHz frequency band. This will block vocal calls and SMS messages using the GSM network.

However, if you also want to block 3G signals, you will also need to cover the 2100 MHz frequency band. This will block 3G data connections and mobile Internet access.

It is essential to note that the blocking of mobile phone signals can be subject to legal regulations and restrictions in many countries. Make sure to comply with the laws and regulations in force before making a signal blocking in Yemen or any other region.

Please note that blocking mobile phone signals can disrupt emergency services and violate people's privacy. It is therefore recommended to use this method only in specific cases authorized by law.

For more precise information on the frequencies used by mobile operators in Yemen, we advise you to contact the operators directly or consult the country's telecommunications regulation authorities.

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