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Blocking mobile phone signals in North Korea: which frequency band to choose?

North Korea
Mobile Phone Signals in North Korea

North Korea, one of the most closed countries in the world, has a limited and closely controlled mobile phone system. If you want to block mobile phone signals in this country, it is essential to know the frequency bands used by local service providers.

Currently, North Korea has two main mobile telephony suppliers: Koryolink and Kangsong. Koryolink, also known as a star, is the largest telecommunications company in the country, while Kangsong is the second mobile service provider.

The two operators mainly use the following frequency bands for their networks:

  • GSM 900 MHz band: This frequency band is used by Koryolink for its mobile telephony services. It covers a frequency ranging from 890 MHz to 915 MHz for the rising link (mobile phone to base station) and 935 MHz to 960 MHz for the downward link (base station to mobile phone).
  • CDMA 450 MHz band: Kangsong uses this frequency band for its mobile telephony services. The frequency range goes from 450 MHz to 470 MHz for the rising link and 460 MHz at 480 MHz for the downward connection.

If you want to block mobile phone signals in North Korea, you should cover these two frequency bands. It is important to note that the intentional scrambling of mobile telephony signals is generally prohibited in most countries due to its impact on legitimate communications. Therefore, be sure to respect the laws and regulations in force in your country before taking any action.

In conclusion, to block mobile telephony signals in North Korea, you must target the frequency bands used by the main service providers, namely the GSM 900 MHz band used by Koryolink and the CDMA 450 MHz band used by Kangsong. Make sure to comply with local regulations before undertaking any activity of scrambling mobile phone signals.

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