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Blocking Cell Phone Signals in Burundi – Frequencies to Cover

Blocking Cell Phone Signals in Burundi

These operators offer extensive coverage throughout the country, allowing users to stay connected via their mobile phones.

However, in certain specific situations, it may be necessary to block cell phone signals.

This article will provide you with the frequencies that must be covered to effectively block cell phone signals in Burundi.

Frequencies to be covered to block cell phone signals in Burundi:

To block cell phone signals effectively, it is important to cover the main frequency bands used by mobile operators in Burundi.

The frequencies can vary slightly depending on the suppliers, but here are the main bands to take into account:

  • GSM 900 MHz band: This frequency band is used by mobile telephony networks for voice communication and data services. By blocking this band, you can prevent GSM signals from being transmitted and received by cell phones.
  • DCS 1800 MHz band: This frequency band is also used for GSM networks, offering additional communication capacity. The blocking of this band can complement the blocking of the GSM 900 MHz band.
  • UMTS 2100 MHz band: This frequency band is used for 3G networks, allowing faster internet connectivity. If you also want to block 3G signals, coverage of the 2100 MHz UMTS band is necessary.
  • LTE 800 MHz band: With the evolution of network technologies, the LTE 800 MHz band is used for 4G connectivity. If you want to block 4G signals, this frequency band should also be covered.

It is important to note that coverage of these frequencies can affect the connectivity of cell phone users in the targeted area.

Consequently, the use of cellular telephone signal scruting devices must comply with the regulations in force.

In summary, to effectively block cell phone signals in Burundi, it is recommended to cover GSM 900 MHz frequency bands, DCS 1800 MHz, UMTS 2100 MHz and LTE 800 MHz.

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