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Block Mobile Phone Signals in Chad – Frequencies to Cover

Telecommunications Landscape in Chad

In the telecommunications landscape in Chad, two main operators provide mobile telephone services across the country: Chadmobile and Sahelcom. These operators offer voice, messaging and data services, connecting Chadian citizens and facilitating professional and personal communications.

To block mobile telephony signals in Chad, it is important to understand the frequencies used by these operators for their networks. Chad mobile operators generally use frequencies in GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) and UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) bands for their networks.

The GSM strip is a global standard for mobile communications and uses frequencies between 900 MHz and 1800 MHz. Mobile operators in Chad can use different frequencies in this beach for their GSM networks. To effectively block mobile phone signals, it is recommended to cover the frequencies most commonly used by operators in the GSM strip.

In addition, Chad mobile operators can also use frequencies in the UMTS strip, which is generally between 2100 MHz and 2200 MHz. The exact frequencies used by operators can vary, it is therefore important to refer to the technical specifications of each operator to find out the specific frequencies to be blocked.

In summary, to block mobile telephony signals in Chad, it is recommended to cover the frequencies used by mobile operators in GSM (900 MHz - 1800 MHz) and UMTS (2100 MHz - 2200 MHz). It is important to note that the blocking of mobile telephony signals raises legal and ethical questions. Always comply with the laws and regulations in force concerning the use of signal jammers.

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