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Block Cell Phone Signals in Cabo Verde – Frequencies to Cover

Cabo Verde
Blocking Mobile Phone Signals in Cabo Verde

It is important to understand the frequencies used by the country's main network providers. Cabo Verde has several telecommunications operators, the most important of which are CV Móvel, UNITEL T+ and Télecomunicaç competes by Cabo Verde (TCV).

CV Móvel

CV Móvel is one of the main network providers in Cabo Verde, offering mobile telephony, Internet access and other communication services. It mainly uses the following frequencies: 900 MHz (GSM), 1800 MHz (DCS) and 2100 MHz (UMTS) for its mobile telephone services.

Unitel T+

Unitel T+ is another major network operator in Cabo Verde. It also uses the 900 MHz (GSM), 1800 MHz (DCS) and 2100 MHz (UMTS) frequency for its mobile phone.

TCV (Télecomunicações by Cabo Verde)

TCV is the historic telecommunications operator in the country. It offers fixed telephony, mobile telephony and internet access services. The frequencies used by TCV include 900 MHz (GSM) and 1800 MHz (DCS) for mobile telephony.

If you want to effectively block mobile phone signals in Cabo Verde, you should consider covering the frequencies most commonly used by these network operators. The main frequencies to be blocked are therefore:

  • 900 MHz (GSM)
  • 1800 MHz (DCS)
  • 2100 MHz (UMTS)

By covering these frequencies, you will be able to block the signals of the main network providers in Cabo Verde, which will disrupt mobile communications in the targeted region.

Please note that the intentional interference of telecommunications signals can be illegal in many countries and can lead to legal consequences. It is therefore important to respect the laws and regulations in force in your country before trying to block mobile phone signals.

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