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Block Cell Phone Signals in Algeria: Frequencies to Cover

Blocking Mobile Phone Signals in Algeria

Mobile phones have become an essential part of our daily life, but there may be times when we want to block the signals of these devices, whether for reasons of confidentiality, security or tranquility. If you are wondering what frequencies should be covered to block mobile phone signals in Algeria, this article is there to help you.

Main network suppliers in Algeria:

Algeria has several main providers of mobile telephony network. Among them, we can cite the following:

  • Mobilis: Mobilis is one of the largest telecommunications operators in Algeria. It offers a wide range of mobile telephone services to its subscribers across the country.
  • Djezzy: Djezzy is another popular network provider in Algeria. It offers mobile telephony and internet access services to its customers.
  • Ooredoo: Ooredoo is also a major player on the telecommunications market in Algeria. It offers mobile telephony services, Internet access and other communication solutions.

Frequencies to be covered to block mobile phone signals in Algeria:

To effectively block mobile phone signals in Algeria, it is essential to cover the main frequencies used by network operators in the country. Here are the frequencies commonly used in Algeria for mobile telephony services:

  • GSM 900 MHz band: This frequency band is used by GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) networks in Algeria. To block the signals of mobile phones operating on this strip, it is necessary to cover the frequency range of 890 MHz at 960 MHz.
  • UMTS 2100 MHz band: This band is used for mobile data services and the transmission of voice via UMTS technology (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System). To block UMTS signals in Algeria, the frequency range from 1920 MHz at 2170 MHz must be covered.
  • LTE 800 MHz band: LTE technology (long-term evolution) is widely used for high speed mobile data networks. The 800 MHz frequency band is used for LTE connectivity in Algeria. To block LTE signals, it is necessary to cover the frequency range from 791 MHz to 821 MHz.

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